Pre-Order Your Next Honda from the Largest Volume Honda Dealership in BC

Don’t wait until you need a new vehicle to purchase a new vehicle. Supply chain disruptions have significantly reduced vehicle inventory. Meaning, the Honda you want might not always be available for sale when you need it.

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Why You Should Pre-Order Your Next Honda

Ordering your next vehicle ensures that you’re getting the vehicle you want, in the colour you prefer, with the features you want, and without the ones you don’t need. Skip the hassle of searching for your next vehicle, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your perfect Honda is on the way.

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{{{What Are the Stages of a Factory Order?}}}

  1. {{{Select the model, colour, and trim of the Honda you would like to order.}}}
  2. {{{A deposit is placed to secure the order}}}
  3. {{{The order is sent to Honda for production}}}
  4. {{{Your vehicle is built and shipped to Surrey Honda}}}
  5. {{{We process the vehicle and prepare it for delivery}}}
  6. {{{You are invited back to finish the paperwork and take delivery of your vehicle}}}
  7. {{{You drive away in your perfect Honda!}}}

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Your New Honda is Waiting

Get started today and build the Honda that only belongs to you.