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Pay What It's Worth.
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[[[[Introducing OpenRoad TruePrice]]]]

{{{{Buying a used car should be simple and stress-free — no guesswork, no negotiations — just the vehicle's true price. That's why we're introducing OpenRoad TruePrice, a new way to buy used vehicles. One Price. TruePrice. Our best price upfront.}}}}

How It Works

With OpenRoad TruePrice, you'll be guaranteed the true valuation of the vehicle, determined by live marketing pricing and simply what the vehicle is worth. We review our pricing daily against other used car marketplaces to ensure the price you're seeing is the true price.

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Why OpenRoad TruePrice?

{{{{Because you already know the vehicle's true price, you'll be saving time with a quick and hassle-free car buying process. At OpenRoad, we believe in being transparent and building trustworthy relationships. With OpenRoad TruePrice, know exactly how much you're paying, plus what it is you're paying for.}}}}


The vehicle's true price

Get true pricing on quality used cars.

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Haggle-free, hassle-free

  Knowing the vehicle's true price means there's no need to haggle it further.

Transparent and trustworthy

See everything listed in our paperwork. No hidden fees, no surprises.


Extra peace of mind

We offer a 3-day money-back guarantee and 90-day powertrain warranty on our OpenRoad Certified used cars

Join the Club

Get a complimentary Club OpenRoad membership, for you to earn extra savings through service.

Used car buying made easy

Start your haggle-free shopping now!

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